'mRpostman' - IMAP Tools for R in a Tidy Way

mRpostman is an R package to help you to easy connect to your IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol) server and execute commands, such as listing mailboxes, fetching and searching for messages in a tidy way. It calls ‘curl’ in background when issuing the IMAP commands (all credit to Jeroen Ooms and Daniel Stenberg). So far, I have tested mRpostman with Gmail, Yahoo Mail and AOL Mail, but it should also work with other mail providers.

Announcing the new 'emstreeR' package

I am proud to announce emstreeR - my first R package available on CRAN. emstreeR is a package for fast and easily computing Euclidean Minimum Spanning Trees (EMST). It heavily relies on RcppMLPACK and Rcpp to work as wrapper to the EMST Dual-Tree Boruvka algorithm (March, Ram, Gray, 2010) implemented in ‘mlpack’ - the C++ Machine Learning library (Curtin et al., 2013). With ‘emstreeR’, R users have access to the C++ fast EMST algorithm without having to deal with the R-Rcpp-C++ integration.

Scraping Google News with 'rvest'

This is an example of how to scrape Google News with the awesome rvest package. This post is a solution for a question from our WhatsApp group, blackbeltR. A user came up with this problem and I decided to help him. It was a cool challenge, so why not? A great deal of the basic ideas comes from his own code. I just kept it and added few things in order to get the code working.