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mRpostman is an R package to help you to easy connect to your IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol) server and execute commands, such …

I am proud to announce emstreeR - my first R package available on CRAN. emstreeR is a package for fast and easily computing Euclidean …

This is an example of how to scrape Google News with the awesome rvest package. This post is a solution for a question from our …




IMAP Tools for R in a Tidy Way.


Tools for Fast Computing and Plotting Euclidean Minimum Spanning Trees.


A Software for Contract Management

Statistics Materials (in Portuguese)


Categorical Data Analysis

Some traditional examples of Categorical Data Analysis involving Logistic Regression, Multicategory Logit Models, Log-linear Models, and others.

Clustering Algorithm

A method for finding the number k of clusters in data, which I proposed as my senior thesis for my Bachelor’s in Statistics. It contains interactive plotly graphics that only run on Chrome.

Item Response Theory

Some assignments and solutions on the Item Response Theory subject.

Operations Research

A slide deck about Operations Research. It contains interactive googleVis objects that only run on Mozilla.

Stochastic Processes

A presentation about brownnian motion and one of its applications in the Financial Market via the Black-Scholes model. It contains interactive googleVis objects that only run on Mozilla.

Time Series Analysis

Some assignments and solutions of the Time Series Analysis course.