Here you find material from in-company courses I have offered. Please note that the original language of these materials is Brazilian portuguese.



[2] Course: Data Analysis with R (II)
Level: Intermediate
Year: mar. 2018

Topic Length
Review + functions 39
Loops 15
Apply family 34
Tidyverse intro + strings and REGEX manipulation with stringr 43
Dates with lubridate 15
Data wrangling with dplyr 27
Two table verbs with dplyr 18
Accessing SQL databases with dbplyr 22
Graphics with ggplot2 31

[1] Course: Data Analysis with R (I)
Level: Introductory
Year: jan. 2018

Topic Length
Intro & first steps 34
Creating and manipulating R objects 20
Logical operators & control statements 11
Graphics (R base) 15
Read, manipulate, and write data 17